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Birth Stories

These birth stories are taken from clients feedback on their HypnoBirths

Olivers HypnoBirth

I just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know that Alison gave birth to baby Oliver on Monday (11 days overdue). He made his entrance to the world at 12.58pm and he weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 11oz.

Alison endured the 36 hour labour with just 2 paracetamols early Monday morning, but other than that no other drugs were required. We also managed to breathe through the contractions until she had a slight blood show at about 6.00am Monday whereby we went straight into hospital. Upon examining Alison, the midwife was awestruck to find that she was 7cm dilated and that she was up and about with little sign of discomfort. 6 hours later we had our beautiful baby!

We'd really really like to thank you for taking the classes and showing us techniques to use through the labour - they were absolutely priceless for Ali during her labour and she thoroughly attributes her labour experience to HypnoBirthing.

Glenn, Alison and Oliver

Worthing, December 2007

Rubys Unplanned Home Birth

I spent a lot of time practicing my hypnobirthing techniques and doing relaxation daily for many weeks pre labour. I approached the birth with no fear and feeling very positive and confident. When I had a show and my surges started I attempted to begin my relaxation as planned and to use the deep breathing through the surges. However, after an hour or two I became very frustrated as I was finding it hard to do the deep breathing in time with the surges and I began to find them uncomfortable. I forgot to try and relax between my surges that were 10 minutes apart and dreaded each surge as it started. This went on over night and I was also pre-occupied with timing surges wondering when we would need to leave to go to the hospital. The result was no sleep and a tense body and uncomfortable surges. We went to hospital as my contractions got closer and I had a few very close together. They told me I was not very dilated and had not really started true surges! I was then sent home.

After an hours rest my surges were 4 minutes apart and my waters broke. 5 minutes later they were 1 and a half minutes apart and I felt the urge to push. The hospital sent an ambulance and midwives who decided to deliver me at home as I was now fully dilated. From this point on it took 2 1/2 hours for Ruby to arrive. From the point the ambulance was called I felt very calm and in my head I kept thinking the birthing affirmations and I just knew my body and baby would know what to do. It did not worry me having the baby at home I just thought its coming right here and focused on my birth breathing. I did start off with gas but then did the last hour with no pain relief. The only bit of pain I recall was the head crowning. The breathing helped me focus and this is when the birthing affirmations kept me calm. I am by nature a worrier and would never have considered a home birth for fear of what could go wrong. I feel the hypnobirthing kept me calm and controlled in a very unplanned birthing situation. Next time I will choose a home birth and definitely do it without pain relief!

Although hypnobirthing did not help me in early labour as I planned it too, I feel it made the birthing experience a good one. It also helped me relax and approach the birth in a positive manner. The classes also made me feel very educated about birth, medical interventions and brought me and my husband closer. I also feel baby Ruby has a very calm disposition.

Katie, Mark and baby Ruby

July, 2007, Brighton

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