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Conditions we can help with

Stopping smoking


"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little."
'New Scientist' vol. 136 issue 1845 page 6.

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Stopping smoking is always urgent but never too late. Every cigarette smoked damages the lungs in a way that may not show up until later in life. After the age of 35-40 years every year of continued smoking loses 3 months of life expectancy. Many smokers think that they will be more miserable when they stop but actually all the evidence is that they will have better mental health and be happier.

Beneficial health changes that take place from the minute you STOP SMOKING:

Combining EFT and hypnotherapy can provide a positive and effective way to cut cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms and STOP SMOKING for good!!

Weight control

If you really want to re-educate your unconscious mind to help you achieve permanent weight loss, hypnotherapy and EFT can be very effective as a means of putting you back in control of your weight and your lives. Hypnosis and EFT can offer you a fighting chance of achieving your desired weight, by helping you get in the optimal mindset for success. Hypnosis and EFT can help you to:

Lose Weight Hypnotherapy Sussex

Commitment and dedication are still needed to make the lifestyle changes necessary for long term success. Given that commiment and dedication, the therapies can help to resolve many of the issues that may have prevented you from success in the past, enabling you to achieve your desired body weight, and then to maintain that new healthy body weight and positive self-image long term.

Please take a look at our Weight Reduction Programme page for many more details


Are you scared of cats, spiders, heights, flying, the dentist, the dark, dogs, water, needles, intimacy, thunderstorms, loud noises or anything else? Techniques from EFT, IEMT, NLP and hypnotherapy can be used incredibly effectively for most phobias, either in combination or alone. Most fears and phobias can be overcome in just one to two sessions. Agoraphobia, as any phobia can be treated effectively using EFT over the telephone.

Please take a look at our Phobia page for more details


Anxiety is a very unpleasant feeling, experienced often in the stomach area but affecting the whole body. Some anxiety in life is expected and normal but there is a concern however, if the anxiety is prolonged and begins to interfere with everyday life. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 people will suffer with abnormal anxiety at some point in their lives.

The symptoms of anxiety can include one or all of the following: upset stomach, stomach discomfort, insomnia, irritability, palpitations, shortness of breath, poor concentration, feeling out of control. Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis techniques, EFT and NLP techniques can effectively treat anxiety issues. Results are often seen in 2-4 sessions.

Please take a look at our Anxiety page for more details

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can be very debilitating for the sufferer. Hypnotherapy offers an effective way to reduce and eventually say good bye to this most distressing problem. About a third of A&E admissions with people showing heart attack symptoms are actually people experiencing panic attacks. A loop is created by sufferers who worry about having an attack, which creates a panic, which makes an attack more likely, which creates more worry etc. Successful treatment creates confidence and teaches techniques to deal with a panic attack which in turn can reduce them drastically, eventually eliminating them completely. By using an effective combination of EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy clients often notice significant changes in 2-4 sessions.

Please take a look at our Panic Attacks page for more details

Exam / Interview / Driving Test nerves

Many people experience worry, stress or anxiety before any of the above. Hypnotherapy, EFT and Coaching will encourage memory retention and recall, bring calm and confident feelings and ensure you are mentally prepared for the event in a positive way.

By using a combination of techniques you will be able to respond to these situation in the way that you want, your nerves remaining calm, and you staying as relaxed as you need to be to pass either written or practical exams. The experience can even become an enjoyable challenge!

Sometimes just 1 session if enough, particularly if time is of the essence, to give you the control back that you need to perform the best you can in the given situation.

Public speaking

Some say that the fear of public speaking is the most common phobia or fear in the western world. Yet we all usually speak to people every day and often in public. The fear anxiety panic and worry surrounding this problem can be so easily removed and there is no longer any need for you to continue with it.

Definitions of 'public speaking' vary widely. Some just want help to feel more confident giving a short talk to two or three others, some want help to feel capable of public speaking, without fear, on a grander scale, including business presentations to clients or a best man's speech, through to being interviewed on national television.

Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP offer a powerful combination of techniques to both help you to reprogramme your mind, and also to give you tools to control and guide your own thinking patterns in advance.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is much more prevalent than you might think. Most people don't discuss it because they feel embarrassed about it or because they think it's not the normal type of thing you talk about with each other. It can cause excruciating pain and restrict people's lives because they're worried about being out of reach of a toilet.

It has been proven that hypnotherapy can assist greatly, and is probably the best method of overcoming IBS. Uncovering and visualisation techniques allow you to regain control.

Habit breaking

Habits are patterns of behaviour deeply routed in the unconscious mind. It can take considerable effort and conscious attention to overcome, and re-write, habits. Hypnotherapy offers techniques which deal with the unconscious mind directly, so that old habits and behaviour patterns can be re-written in a more positive and life enhancing way. Habits may include: nail biting, smoking, addictive behaviours, skin picking, itching, hair picking, thumb sucking, computer addictions, watching too much TV, shopping and many other unwanted behaviours. This includes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) such as hand washing, hair pulling, constant checking and much more.


Are you feeling a lack of energy or enthusiasm to go to the gym? Do you continue to procrastinate initiating or completing existing projects? Would you like to have a passion or a drive to start and finish goals? Most of our behaviours, survival mechanisms, and drives were formed in early childhood. With hypnosis, EFT, Coaching and NLP we can tap into these old programs to create new neural pathways in your brain. The brain and the psyche are very malleable and are constantly changing.

Imagine starting afresh with a new template of beliefs so that you can have the life you dream of. You can be the creator of your life. Limitations are usually only self-imposed by fear and old negative programming. The therapies we offer you can help you to go beyond your limiting beliefs of the past and achieve your goals. Your future begins now!

Please take a look at our Motivation page for more details

Boost your immune system

By using creative guided imagery, your immune system can be boosted as you imagine yourself fighting back against unwelcome intruders and also healing areas of discomfort or physical issues. This can give a person an incredible belief that they can recover and survive. These techniques can be very useful for clients undergoing surgery or ongoing treatments such as for cancers, in helping them to have amore positive outlook on their particular situation and allowing the mind and body to work effectively in the healing process.

Pain relief

Pain is nature’s way of telling us that something is wrong, so under no circumstances would the pain be completely removed, but your own mind can be taught how to greatly reduce the pain and make it manageable. It is essential that you see your GP first to establish the cause of any pain and once the source is known, and it is deemed appropriate to use hypnotherapy, pain relief and management could be achieved. Hypnotherapy may be extremely beneficial when used for dental or surgical preparation.


As long as there is no physical reason to stop you becoming pregnant, hypnotherapy and EFT can boost your chances of conception by discovering any underlying stresses or concerns. You may want a baby but your subconsious mind may have other ideas! You will learn to balance your body and mind and create the perfect environment for you to conceive a healthy baby. Using a combination of coaching, hypnosis and EFT will help you to create a climate in which conception is encouraged to take place, so that you can give nature a better chance. You have the power to reawaken this inate intellegence and to restore balance and health to your life.

Please take a look at our special Fertility pages for many more details

Hypnosis for childbirth

Hypnosis for childbirth can prepare you for birthing physically, mentally and spiritually. You can experience the a great deal of joy birthing your baby in an easier, more natural and often even pain-free manner.

Please visit our Birth® pages for more details.

Self confidence

A lack of confidence or feelings of low self-esteem can affect people quite drastically. Hypnotherapy can boost your feelings about yourself very quickly, bringing welcome changes and giving you back control of your thoughts and feelings.


Any person – young or old, male or female – can become depressed. Many people will suffer some level of depression in their lives. Medication can control the symptoms but fails to address the underlying cause and new research is showing that people who use hypnotic techniques and CBT can be used to overcome depression much more effectively than medication alone.

Please note that under no circumstances would you be advised to discontinue any form of medication prescribed to you by your GP if you are currently taking medication.

Nail biting

Nail biting is a habit which affects many people. It often starts in childhood and can persist in some adults for them can become an irritating and unsightly nuisance. Some nail biters experience the habit with such severity that their nails are constantly bitten down to the quick and bleeding, causing pain and often embarrassment. Whatever the reason for starting to bite your nails it can often made worse by stress or anxiety. Nail biting is an unconscious habit - people often don't realise that they are doing it. Hypnotherapy can help you to form positive new alternatives to nail biting by working with you, to help you cope with anxious situations and stress triggers in a constructive way and stop this unconscious habit.


There can be so much to fit into life that it's easy for us all to miss out on time for relaxation. This often leaves you feeling tired, irritable and generally run down. When this happens stress is more likely to build up and you can start to find your mind unable to deal with everyday things as easily. As a result your muscles become tense and life seems much more difficult to handle.

One single session of hypnosis can help you to relax and switch off from the everyday hassle. It allows your mind and body valuable time to recuperate. Time spent in hypnosis is often more relaxing than time spent asleep, allowing you to feel fully refreshed and revitalised. When you feel relaxed it's easier to make decisions, your physical and mental health are better and your sleep will be more beneficial.


Would you like to be able to relax, give yourself appropriate positive suggestions, and feel great whenever you want to feel great? Relax and recharge, allow stress and tension to disappear, whenever you want or need to. Self-hypnosis can be great for many issues or just relaxation. Self-hypnosis can be taught in just one session either individually or as a group.


Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of dealing with insomnia. Sleeping tablets will help in the short term, but prolonged use will nullify their effects and over time greater doses need to be taken. Hypnosis is very relaxing, making sleep come easier and has no harmful side effects. It also helps you get into a healthy sleeping pattern. Your subconscious controls your sleep patterns and has a memory for virtually everything you do, and that includes a memory for nice, deep, restful sleep.

With the use of hypnotherapy, EFT and self-hypnosis you can experience greatly improved sleep, mood, and energy. By learning to successfully use the techniques of self-hypnosis, you will take control of your sleep, mind, and body. Often sleep issues con be treated in as little as 1 - 3 sessions

Please take a look at our Insomnia page for more details

Stress management

Stress is fast becoming a way of life, not only in the UK but throughout the world. We are all subject to stress, regardless of age, social status or intellectual ability. Stress knows no barriers in this increasingly fast-moving world. Coaching and hypnotherapy offers fast effective ways to reduce, manage your stress and take control back in your life starting from your very first session.

Please take a look at our Stress Management page for more details

Sports and peak performance

Performance enhancement has long been a hallmark of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We all know that our mental condition can make a huge difference to how well we do something. Sports psychologists, professional athletes, top students and others understand that the correct mind-set is crucial to getting things done well. Many well known athletes and teams have used hypnosis and guided visualisations to lock in and create their goals. Whatever it is you want to do better, having all parts of your mind, fully and congruently assigned towards achieving your goals can excel your performance level.

By using these powerful techniques you can get your performance to where you want it.

Please take a look at our Peak Performance page for more details