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Fertility Coaching

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Fertility Coaching is a relatively new approach to enabling women and couples to feel empowered along their fertility journey. Many that clients undergoing fertility treatments and being faced with possible 'infertility' often feel disempowered, hopeless and that everything is out of their control, how ever this does not need to be the case. Fertility can impact on many if not all areas of a couple’s life and life can also have an impact on fertility. My aim is to support my client’s to feel empowered and positive during natural fertility or during fertility treatment.

There has been a clear link for many years on the effects of stress, tension and anxiety on the reproductive system. Fertility coaching can help to reduce stress and release tension, identify and make positive lifestyle adjustments to enhance fertility, and to work though what can be difficult and challenging decisions in relation to fertility and possible treatment. I work with each client to draw on his/her own emotional strengths to reach the goal of having a child in one’s life.

As a Fertility Coach I support clients when hurdles seem to big, I challenge negative beliefs to make way for a more positive and enlightened approach to a clients own fertility. Sometimes that means sorting through emotions and making sense of them; sometimes that means learning new skills such as assertiveness and better communication between couples; sometimes that means developing an action plan to gain more control rather than feeling the situation is out of control.

As a Fertility Coach it is also my role to support the clients in exploring and then trusting her own judgments in issues such as deciding on the best options for treatments or taking a break from treatments, exploring adoption and other paths to parenthood. As a coach it is not my role of offer opinions but to simply enable my clients to gain perspective on their situation.

How do the session work?
Fertility Coaching is usually by telephone or Skype and therefore has the advantage that you are able to sit in the comfort of your own home and I am able to work with clients, locally, nationally and also internationally. Face to face sessions are also available in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. The initial session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes with subsequent session lasting 45 minutes. Email contact is available in between sessions.

How many sessions will I need?
Sessions are usually fortnightly although weekly or monthly sessions can also be arranged. I recommend that 4-8 sessions are planned for. The initial session costing £70 with subsequent sessions £60. We offer a 6 session Fertility Coaching Programme for £340. Payment can be made by cheque or Google Checkout.

Please contact us to discuss how Fertility Coaching can support you on your fertility journey.