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Insomnia is suffered by around 35% of the population at some time in their lives. Insomnia is a much more serious problem than most people think. Not only is the long term lack of sleep bad for your health but can cause poor performance at work. The many healing and rejuvenating qualities of sleep disappear when sleep deprivation is involved. The insomniac's mind races out of control and endlessly turns over real and imagined events.

Insomnia is the chronic inability to sleep well. In many people it is experienced as a difficulty in falling asleep. In others it is experienced both as a difficulty in falling asleep and in staying asleep. In others, they awake very early and then cannot go back to sleep.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of dealing with the problem of insomnia. Whilst sleeping tablets will help in the short term, prolonged use will nullify the effects and greater doses need to be taken. Hypnosis is indeed very relaxing, making sleep come easier and has no harmful side effects. It also helps a person into a healthy sleeping pattern. Your subconscious controls your sleep patterns and has a memory for virtually everything you do, and that includes a memory for nice, deep, restful sleep. With the use of Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis you can experience significantly improved sleep, mood, and energy.

By learning to successfully use the techniques of self-hypnosis, you will take control of your sleep, mind, and body. You will be empowered by the realization that the key to conquering insomnia resides within you Therefore, you will boost your confidence in your personal power and strengthen your sense of self-esteem, which is fundamental to optimal health and well-being

Hypnotherapy and EFT give you back control of how you feel and ultimatly have a good nights sleep!

Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis techniques, can effectively treat anxiety issues. Results are often seen in 2-4 sessions.